[NAFEX] how to obtain hardy kiwi pollen in Indiana

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Thu May 19 09:56:44 EDT 2005


You can order A. deliciosa pollen here,
http://www.fennelpollen.com/contact.htm, or at least you could a couple of
years ago. It will set arguta fruit just great and its relatively cheap. The
minimum order was 10 grams at $1.60/g. 10 grams is a LOT of pollen.


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> Hi. For the 3rd year in a row, it looks like my male actinidia arguta
> will not do his duty and flower, so I am pollen-less and have several
> females who will flower. I suppose I could wait another year, but I'm
> getting impatient. Anyone in Indiana have pollen I get come get? Could
> someone mail me pollen? Any other thoughts?
> Thanks,
> -sb
> Zone 5b where last Thursday we had most impressive hail performance I've
> ever seen. Apple and pair petals are all gone, bark was split from the
> hail, and I don't even want to talk about my ivy-leafed geraniums.  :-(
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