[NAFEX] fungicide or antibacterial? (fireblight)

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Wed May 18 15:41:46 EDT 2005

You wrote: "Fungicides kill fungi, not bacteria."  
Well, depends on the fungicide.  Say you're a hunter with a rabbit gun and
an elephant gun.  Would you say "elephant guns kill elephants, not rabbits"?
I think a gun that would bring down an elephant would pretty much take care
of a wee rabbit, now, wouldn't it?  There are many bacteria that don't like
copper solutions any more than fungi do.  Copper hydroxide is labeled for
many fungi, and bacteria as well.


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Reading the paragraph below reminded me of a comment in the current 
'Pomona'.  The fireblight article recommends spraying copper fungicide.  
Fireblight is a bacterium.  Fungicides kill fungi, not bacteria.  Is the 
fungicide spray intended to promote over-all health of orchard?

Another question which the fireblight article prompts me to ask is about the

rubbing alcohol.  I was taught you need to soak anything in rubbing alcohol 
for half-an-hour, to sterilize.  Does anyone know if this is right?

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