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Howdy all,

Milk has been found to be fairly effective at inactivating viruses on tools
used for repotting and dividing orchids---a group of plant that are
particularly susceptible to virus infection.

Orchid culture is probably the reason why I sterilize tools between pruning
individual plants.  Fruit folks have assured that virus is not spread via
pruning, but I'm afraid I don't believe it.  I use a conventional nursery
disinfectant, but may switch to milk as I work a real job less and have more
time to putter in the garden.  Conventional agriculture got to where it got,
for among other reasons, its time savings.  I suppose I'm being silly trying
to cut my already low chemical usage further (two Imidan sprays, two Captan
sprays and one Benomyl spray for fruit trees, and a little chemical
fertilizer) since my acre is surrounded by several hundred acres of Round-up
ready corn and beans, but what can you do:-?

Steve Herje
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> On Mon, 16 May 2005 17:38:03 EDT, <Dale3693 at aol.com> wrote:
> > Here's a wild one----A friend who lives away up a canyon in Western
> > Colorado asked me  if I thought one could spray on a thick solution of
> > powdered milk
> Hello,
> If it stays on the leaves it would start breaking down, and create an acid
> surface, deterring fungus.  Milk is often sprayed on roses to change to
> PH, making surfaces acidic, and keeping black spot at bay.
> Milk is also used to encourage lichen growth on new stonework, making it
> look old.
> I imagine that a "sticker" should be added to hold the milk on the leaves.
> Not a bad experiment.
> Later,
> Tom
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