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I recall, and this is an old study, that a spray of undiluted milk was used.
Nonfat milk worked best.  In practice, anecdotal reports are that dilutions
work just fine.  I mix a cup or two of nonfat milk powder (noninstant is
fine) in a blender with water and some whole garlic cloves, then pour the
mix through a fine mesh screen into a sprayer.  If I'm using a pump sprayer,
I add enough water to make enough mix and give me pressure.  With a hose end
type, I use a high concentration setting.  Not exactly scientific, I know.
If I don't get results, I increase the concentration - if that doesn't work,
then the disease is simply nonresponsive.  

Although in practice the milk/garlic spray seems to work, in theory I wonder
if milk alone would be better.  If milk works by increasing the population
of beneficial bacteria (which in turn inhibit fungal viability), and garlic
is antibacterial, seems it might defeat the purpose to do both.  Maybe
garlic is somewhat selective.  Okay, I know the antibacterial effect of
garlic to be selective, but I have no certainty of how that would work in
the garden.  I actually have used milk alone when I suspect a fungal or
viral problem, and just garlic when it seems bacterial - and both when I'm
unsure.  That's a confession - 'twould have been better to have tried one,
then the other. 

I have no theory as to why either milk or garlic would help with a viral
problem.  It may simply work as nutritional support.

A spray with enough garlic doesn't need a wetting agent.  The garlic oil is
sticky.  When I need a wetting agent, I add an insecticidal soap. 

Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.
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Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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Can you give us a rough idea of how much powdered milk to
how much water?  And do you liquefy the garlic right in the
(mixed) water and milk?


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