[NAFEX] Ants as biological control?

Richard Frost frost at san.rr.com
Tue May 17 01:34:52 EDT 2005

I agree with Ginda: "live and let live".  The aphids on my grapes and almost
all my fruit are basically under control with garlic spray and a plentiful
population of ladybugs in the area.  The exception has been a Green Gage
Plum whose new leaves are highly desirable for some aphid-like critter.
They are now gone with a once-per-month application of Bayer "Power Force".
I have "copper tape" at the base of my trees to keep the slugs and snails
off.  This has been 100% effective.  I probably have 50 black ant (small
ones) nests on my 1/2 acre property in San Diego, CA.  They are doing a
great job of aerating the remaining untilled clay soil.  If they start to
move on any of my plants -- well then they will get an "ant cake" (poison
taken back to the nest) for a present.

Ginda wrote: ...

I basically take a "live and let live" attitude, and rarely kill 
insects unless they are actively eating a plant or biting me.

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