[NAFEX] That big freeze no one talked about (not bad here)

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Sun May 15 17:45:37 EDT 2005

Yes that was a cold spell.  To the original post, my thought was "That's 
what we call 'April'."

If you haven't heard the weather report for a couple days,and the air seems 
overly chilly at sunset, use the last hour of daylight to cover/protect what 
you can.

tc, s.WI, apple blossoms looked way too tired after the cold... and wind... 
and rain.

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Subject: [NAFEX] That big freeze no one talked about (not bad here)
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 16:35:28 -0600

Although we still have patches of snow on the ground from our storm
last Thursday, the apple trees, and Montmorency are still blooming.
Surefire is budding, and Black Gold, Bali and Reliance buds are
preparing to open in a few days from the looks of things. The
weatherman is predicting lows in the 40s for the next week and the
birds are singing (just like me).  Most of the plum tree blossoms are
toast except for Stanley and all of the Green Ash buds are toast. The
pear trees survived although it looks like fire blight has found them.
All in all things aren't too bad.  I too failed to see what happened
in your area. How did your plants do?

Rodney in Northeast Wyoming

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