[NAFEX] Ants as biological control?

Bruce Wittchen herenorthere at lycos.com
Sun May 15 15:43:29 EDT 2005

Rodney asked,

Anyone have any information about the "good side" of some ants? Can some species be moved into an area where bad ants are using aphids as "dairy cows"?

According to the book I've almost finished reading (Insights from Insects: What Bad Bugs can Teach Us; by Gilbert Waldbauer; 2005) black cherries secrete nectar from young leaves, attracting ants.  The ants carry away young tent caterpillars.  Later in the season, when the caterpillars have grown too large for ants to control, the tree no longer secretes the nectar.

I stumbled across this book at the library and the Grape Phylloxera and Codling Moth chapters, in particular, are very NAFEXish.  Maybe I should be spending more time controlling insects instead of reading about them, but it's good.

Bruce Wittchen
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