[NAFEX] little dark worms

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I agree with the advice to watch & learn, and ID the worms before you just 
kill them all.  I found something fitting this description-- a "nest" of 
many small larvea which alarmed me by their numbers.  Before I could ID them 
the ground-feeding birds (like tohees, maybe) scratched up the duff and ate 
them.  Never found out if these worms were something beneficial or harmful 
for my plantings, but they sure benefited the tohee.

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If they curl up into flat spirals and have a hard sleleton they are, 
perhaps, millipedes.  Look for tiny legs on the entire underside of the 

Steve H. Lone Rock

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   They sound like locals, I would not kill them unless the plant shows 
signs of damage.  They may be part of your ecosystem, and I never kill 
anything unless I know for sure what it is and what damage it causes.  They 
do not sound like pests to me.

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