[NAFEX] honeybees

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Thu May 12 11:05:16 EDT 2005

A local paper said
"With wild honeybee populations in decline due to two kinds of parasitic
mites and human carelessness with pesticides, fruit growers are relying
increasingly on orchard mason bees and other native species to do the
lion's share of the pollinating."

I bought some orchard mason bees this year, and now I see them around
the yard.  I also see honeybees. Contrary to news I've heard, my local
honeybee population seems to be thriving.  I have lots of food here for
them and garden organically, so they like to hang out at my place.  In
the rosemary, I estimate at least 50% of the pollinators are honeybees.
Bumblebees are the next numerous.  An assortment of weird little wasps
and green metallic winged creatures make up the rest of the community.
I live in the suburbs, and I've never seen any beehives around here.  I
wonder where all these honeybees are coming from?  I would estimate the
closest wild area is a mile away and is thick forest.

-Mark Lee, Seattle, zone 8a

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