[NAFEX] Plum Pollenation Question

Penny White PlumHillFarm at gmavt.net
Thu May 12 07:19:04 EDT 2005

Helllo, Plum Blossums do not have much nectar so if honey bees are looking
for nectar they will fly by. We feed our bees sugar/honey water during plum
bloom which provides all the "Sweets" they are looking for releasing the
workers to go and look for pollen.

During full bloom when you get near the trees there is a loud "buzz" in the
air due to hundreds of honey, bumble and a huge number of other types of
bugs feeding. If the air temp is over 60f (in Vt this is warm for early May)
about 25% of the bugs are honey bees. If the air temp is cooler there are
few honey bees.

Eric White
Zone 4B, Vermont

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