[NAFEX] Clove Currant and Autumn Olive ID Help

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On Wed, 11 May 2005 09:15:11 -0500, Scott Williamson  
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> It seems the general consensus is that there are a lot more wild berries  
> that are safe to eat that I was led to believe growing up.


Children are not trusted to pick out what is good and bad in the wild.   
Kids in general are too far removed from nature (since around 1930) to  
make good decisions in that area.

It is easier to tell kids to eat nothing, than teach them what is good.

Growing up, my mother was always in a panic about food going bad.  You  
could not turn around before she threw out leftovers.  I married a woman  
with a frugal mother, and learned that things are safe for a long time if  
treated properly.



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