[NAFEX] Clove Currant and Autumn Olive ID Help

Scott Williamson ScottW at acespower.com
Wed May 11 10:15:11 EDT 2005

I was wandering my property over the weekend and noticed some plants at
the edge of my woods I though looked very much like the currants I
planted last year.  When I got back to my house I checked a couple of
books and the pictures I could find looked pretty much exactly like
clove currants.  I wouldn't mind transplanting a few if they actually
are to see how they do.

Does anybody know if there are any other plants out there that would
like that close?  I saw a reference to ribes aureum.  Are all wild
growing clove currants and ribes aureum safe to eat?  Maybe not
palatable, but at least safe?  It seems the general consensus is that
there are a lot more wild berries that are safe to eat that I was led to
believe growing up.

I also have some wild plants I think are autumn olive, but I'm not sure
on those.  I guess I have the same basic questions about that as well.
Are pretty much all Eleagnus safe to eat?  Is there any good way to ID

Zone 5b, central Indiana

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