[NAFEX] Plum Pollenation Question

Ribes60 at aol.com Ribes60 at aol.com
Wed May 11 09:31:46 EDT 2005

Jim, I also have plums and black currants. I see many bees in the plum  
blooms, but I have mason bees. They are very good for early blooming trees, they  
get out and work when honey bees just won't do it. I also have a lot of  
bumblebees. They are really the best if the pollinators. BTW, black currants are  
mostly self pollinated, there has been mention that you need two varieties, but  
I doubt that. There may be a very few varieties that need cross pollination, 
but  most don't.
Ed Mashburn
PA Zone 5/6
Where we really need rain
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