[NAFEX] Aftercare on persimmon grafts.

Lee Sharp leesharp at cableone.net
Tue May 10 08:27:37 EDT 2005

Would like to add one more point in addition to the good advice posted by 
Lucky concerning aftercare of persimmon grafting/budding. Once new growth is 
about 9 to 12 inches support is needed to keep it from blowing out. I 
usually place a bamboo or something similar tied to the stock or driven into 
the ground that will extend about 3 feet above the stock so the new growth 
can be tied to it as it grows with at least three ties about 12 inches 
apart. I do not nail the supporting material to the stock because this would 
cause unnecessary damage and encourage entry by borers. The large  leaves of 
persimmons "pick up "a lot of wind and the scions will blow out very easy if 
not supported.

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