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Have they caused any damage?  Without damage, it's hard to say they're
harmful - and they could be beneficial.  Do we yet have an id on them?  Are
they soft like most cutworms?  Have leglets like cutworms or other
caterpillars?  Segmented with firm skin (shell) and possessing many wee
legs, like centipedes or millipedes?  Or are they structured more like


Millipedes like the environment you described, fit the length and color
description, will curl up, and they are often taken for worms.  They are
generally beneficial, in that they hasten the breakdown of dead or dying
organic material (fallen leaves and small fruit).  A few can be harmful to
corn and bean seedlings, but others are beneficial carnivores.  For the most
part, control is not necessary, and can lessen the health of the garden. 


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Thank you to All who answered my question about the little dark worms.


I wasn't sure if they were a beneficial of some type.

They apparently aren't.

They need to vanish.


Richard Zone 4


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