[NAFEX] Tall Pear Tree Identification

Bob Hartman hartmansfruittrees at wport.com
Sat May 7 23:20:30 EDT 2005

Someone wrote to me the following question and I was wondering if anyone
had an answer I could send on to her.  She lives in Minnesota and I in
western Washington and haven't a clue as to what the variety is.

I have two tall (35-40 ft) conical or pyramidal trees that flower fully
every year, they're lovely. They bear standard shaped pears with a
redish blush and are very sweet and juicy every year. I am mystified by
them because they are shaped tall, columnar or pyramidal like a Bradford

but they definately bear a delicious Bartlett like fruit. I didn't think

Bradford bears fruit. These drop so many pears every year I have no idea

what to do with them all. Both look like twins next to each other and
are covered and produce fruite every year.

I'm in zone 4 (Minnesota), and these pears are not like any pears around

here that I'm aware of.

Please can you help me identify them? If not can you tell me where I can

get that info?

Thanks much,

Lynne from
Cokato, MN (45 miles west of Twin Cities)

If someone has a clue I will send the answer on to her.

Bob Hartman
Western Washington

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