[NAFEX] how to keep and store plant rooting hormones

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Sat May 7 12:26:23 EDT 2005

I found the following information of interest as to how to keep and store 
plant rooting hormones

Dry powder plant rooting products such as Rhizopon AA #1, #2 and #3 dry 
powders,  and also Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets and IBA Water Soluble 
Salts are all dry when you receive them (tablets and salts are used to make 
your own rooting solutions). These area available from Hummert International 

For the dry powder are ready to use rooting hormones. Always take out the 
amount of powder you need for the current day needs. NEVER return the used 
powder portion to the original container.  Always dispose of the the used 
portion. Why? When you dip the basal end of the cuttings into the powder you 
might drag into the powder some pathogens or parts of the plant. These will 
biologically break down and ruin the active ingredients.

Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets and Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts are 
used by taking either the tablet or salt powder and mix it in water to make 
a rooting solution.  ONLY take as much tablets or salts as you need from the 
original package. Do NOT return the used products to the original stock 

In the case of the all of all these products, keep the products in the 
ORIGINAL containers. Keep the product package tightly SEALED. The original 
product packages have suitable re-sealable closures. Keep the products DRY. 
The Tablets and IBA Salts if kept in an open container in a humid area will 
absorb water causing difficulty to dissolve the tablets or salts. Keep the 
product TEMPERATURE at your comfortable room temperature (60-90F). Do NOT 
store the products for a long time (weeks or months) at high temperatures 
(such as might be in a storage shed in Arizona at 120F).
Keep the products OUT OF BRIGHT LIGHT for a long time (say weeks). The 
original product containers are suitable for light protection.

If you follow the above directions the dry products should be active for 
many years.
For thes  tablets and salts which are made into solutions: ONLY make up 
enough solution for one day of use. Do not store after one day of use. 
Dispose of  the solution after ONE propagation session (one day). ONLY mix 
and use the solutions in a non-metallic container since the products are 
slightly acidic and will interact with some metals. 

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