[NAFEX] Cats catching rodent girdling trees

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>   I have two cats, only one of which is grey (color doesn't matter).  I
> keep them well fed and there isn't a rodent to be found on the property.
> They prefer fresh meat to cat food so they are always on the prowl. 


I think you have hit up the solution. Select a cat food they don't like but 
will eat before starving, thus encouraging hunting. Solders on the battle fight 
better on a nearly empty stomach than a full one. 

Pat wrote: 
<She brings all her catches home and leaves them on the front porch:  that's 
how we know she kills so many.  She would rather bring them inside the house, 
but has resigned herself to the fact that we don't allow this.  She does not 
eat her catches, except for the very occasional nibble.> 

That simply hasn't been my experience. But several have said the same as Pat. 
So I bow out. 

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