[NAFEX] Hose End Sprayer?

Jim Cooper JCooper at lewiston.k12.id.us
Fri May 6 17:44:07 EDT 2005

I have one of those and I have trouble when I use a thick or chuncky
mix. It will not work with most suspensions. If it disolves into a
smoothe liquid it sprays that fine.

When I use it on some products I have to put my finger over the spray
end and stop the water flow. This forces the clear water down the tube
into the tank, and some times clears the clog.

The first time I plugged it up I took it to the shop and blew threw it
with the compressor. OOPS a small green plastic bead blew out of the end
and fortunately I found it and glued it back in. So I don't recommend
that type of fix, unless you regulate the psi to less than 40 psi.

Zone 6 
N Idaho

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