[NAFEX] soaking scions

David Doud doudone at netusa1.net
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...finally learns not to draw the knife towards any part of ones body,...
actually,  in this particular instance,  I folded my small knife into the tip of my ring finger - topworking is always challenging,  working in the field with stocks of varying sizes,  trying to keep track of all the tools - and you can't draw the stock thru the knife when it's planted in the ground,  so I just put a wrap of grafting tape around my thumb in the strategic spot - I didn't do any bench work this year so I'm rusty anyway - sure was pleasant out tho - - 
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    after doing some topworking this afternoon,  I am reminded of my strategy - I keep the scions soaked up in my blood...

  True, which makes it funny. Until a beginning grafter finally learns not to draw the knife towards any part of ones body, especially the thumb, place a band aid on the thumb before starting to work. Prevents minor cuts. 

  On large scion material, draw the scion through the knife, not the knife through the scion. Takes practice. 

  Also carry band aids in the grafting tool box. 



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