[NAFEX] hungry voles and tasty trees and maurauding domestic cats

Diane Porter dporter at lisco.com
Fri May 6 10:24:12 EDT 2005

Doesn't it break your heart to see the cats destroying the birds around your 
home? I don't think I could tolerate it.

Diane Porter, Fairfield, Iowa
dporter at birdwatching.com
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> Back 5 years or so ago, while my wife was still working as a practicing 
> veterinarian, some low-life dumped a queen and box of kittens on the 
> clinic doorstep. Voila!  We ended up with three more cats - two whites and 
> a gray tabby.  She and the kids had every intention of making them 
> housecats, but (thankfully, for me) one or more of them refused to use the 
> litter box - preferring instead to urinate on my eldest daughter's bed or 
> any piece of clothing the kids left lying on the floor - so, out they 
> went - spayed and declawed on the front.
> All are fat as hogs, but hunt continuously.  Unfortunately, I rarely see 
> them in the orchard  - they prefer to eat bluebirds/songbirds in the yard 
> or catch frogs from around the farmpond, which is located about 100 ft 
> from the house.
> Every morning from May to October, it's not unusual to step out the front 
> door and find a couple of Leopard frogs lying on the welcome mat, sans 
> rear legs, looking up with a 'Help Me!' look, kinda like Vincent Price in 
> the original "The Fly".  I usually pick 'em up, walk over to the pond, and 
> pitch 'em in to the catfish.  I don't have any frog-size wheelchairs.
> When it comes to catching and dispatching voles, my son's mixed breed 
> dog - she's the 'default' dog, kinda like those you see prowling the 
> streets of Delhi or around garbage dumps in any third-world country in the 
> National Geographic specials - is tops, around our place.  She's 
> constantly digging for them in the orchard & nut grove.  I praise her for 
> each catch, but there are some pretty bad holes out there anymore - I have 
> to watch my step or I'll break an ankle.
> Lucky Pittman
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> AHS Heat Zone 7
> Hopkinsville, KY
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