[NAFEX] Hunting perches

Dave Griffin griffingardens at earthlink.net
Thu May 5 17:45:31 EDT 2005

This works great in the orchard for me too - hawks by day and owls by
night. Try a couple around the garden too: It seems like there is always a
bluebird or two in mine waiting to swoop down for a tasty garden treat. I
just plant dead oak branch snags and wait around for them to fill up like
Tippy Hedren. Fifteen feet seems ok for the garden but the raptors like it

Central MN, 4a
Where, of course, now that all the apricots have frozen off, it is warm.
The wood ticks do not appear to have been adversely affected.

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> Subject: RE: [NAFEX] hungry voles and tasty trees
> I find same vole controls by googling 'natural vole control'.  I noticed a
> couple of those aren't available in CA, which explains why I never had a
> chance to try them.  What has worked best for me is attracting owls.  I
> an 'owl pole' - basically a tall telephone-pole-like pole - in an area
> a owl could use it to spot the our gophers as they exited their burrows to
> raid the garden.  One medium owl will kill 2 to 3 small rodents a night.
> You can also find plans to build owl habitats/nest boxes.  
> Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.
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> Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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>         Much success from encouraging natural predators such as red-tail
>         hawks,(posts for perches), screech owls (houses to nest in) in
>         reducing voles, but never eliminate 100%, Lee Elliott

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