[NAFEX] Killing (reducing) brush organicly

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I don't see why not.  I'm hoping other listers can comment.

My neighbors did warn me that using this method on a large scale is A LOT of 

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Can this method work for black walnut 2-3 year old trees?


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 > I'm supposed to know all the botany/physiology terms to explain it, but I
 > don't exercise the phrases enough to keep them.  Basicly, when you cut 
 > the tops, the roots don't hear about it right away.  They continue
 > functioning as if tops are still there.  Auxins or hormones are sent up,
and if the tops were still there, eventually the leaves' compounds would be
sent back to roots in turn.  So, root products go up, and collect near the 
 > area.  You cut those off (at about 24 hours), and this removes the info
 > source which would have told the roots what to do next.
 > Many herbicides work by disrupting the normal exchange of auxins/
hormones/ info/ carbs in plants.  This double-cut method is an organic way 
 > accomplishing this.

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