[NAFEX] Killing (reducing) brush organicly

Bill Russell shaman at pennswoods.net
Wed May 4 12:07:23 EDT 2005

Can this method work for black walnut 2-3 year old trees?


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> I'm supposed to know all the botany/physiology terms to explain it, but I
> don't exercise the phrases enough to keep them.  Basicly, when you cut off
> the tops, the roots don't hear about it right away.  They continue
> functioning as if tops are still there.  Auxins or hormones are sent up,
> if the tops were still there, eventually the leaves' compounds would be
> back to roots in turn.  So, root products go up, and collect near the cut
> area.  You cut those off (at about 24 hours), and this removes the info
> source which would have told the roots what to do next.
> Many herbicides work by disrupting the normal exchange of auxins/
> info/ carbs in plants.  This double-cut method is an organic way of
> accomplishing this.
> (Listers, please post a better explanation, if mine needs help)
> tc, sWI, where we already had frost-damaged apple flowers before last
> night's freeze.
> Tanis, I have lots of clonal poplar to clear around my orchards, I have
> never heard of
> this idea, can you explain more?  I don't see the logic behind the 24 hour
> period.
> Curious, Del
>  > tanis cuff wrote:
>  > Another method, supposed to be especially effective on clonal patches
>  > (example: poplar, black locust)-- cut at waist to shoulder height one
> day,
>  > next day (as close to 24 hours as practical) cut at ground level.  I
> think
>  > this is for the growing season, not for dormant.  I haven't tried this,
> but
>  > neighbors have, and said they liked the results.
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