[NAFEX] Low-chill, blight resistant pears?

Dave Griffin griffingardens at earthlink.net
Tue May 3 07:40:31 EDT 2005

  Dave Wilson Nursery lists Warren at 600 chill hours so it may not work
for you in San Diego. However, I'd like to report my experience so far with
Warren at the other end of the Mississippi here in central MN, zone 4a. I
have a young tree on OH x F 333 rootstock from Burnt Ridge planted in 2002.
It survived -29 F in '03-'04 and -23 F with minimal snow cover last year in
what is turning out to have been a tougher than expected winter on my
trees. There has been no tip dieback at all and no sunscald. It hasn't
bloomed yet so I can't comment on flower bud hardiness, but the tree has
been healthy and vigorous on 333, which I can't say for some of my other
pears on this rootstock. (I have concluded that a more vigorous rootstock
is needed to help the tree recover from any winter damage in a bad year) 
I'd guess the blight resistance it has comes from Pyrus usuriensis in its
heritage which would also account for its unexpected hardiness. I am
looking forward to what is advertised to be good quality fruit - any
comment on fruit and bud hardiness from other northern growers? 
  Hurray for accidental hardiness! I'll take it any way it comes.

Waiting to see what is left of the fruit crop and crosses after 24 F last

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> Hi;
> I would suggest you look up the Warren Pear discovered by T.O. Warren in 
> Missisippi and  brought to us as a high quality productive, blight
> pear....and if it produced in the south you might be able to grow it. 
Healthy tree 
> here in southwest zone 5 Connecticut
> Karl Olson
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