[NAFEX] Killing Poison Ivy Organically

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Mon May 2 08:52:17 EDT 2005

I am not sure the temp equation adds up because we experience much colder temps
in various parts of Maine, and Poison Ivy grows throughout the state. I actually
live in a valley where there is none, and then the mountain nearby is crawling
with it in places. And I have seen it on very windswept open areas at other high
elevation. So the elevation thing doesn't correlate here either. I am not sure
what the magic combo is, but it seems opposed to undisturbed forests, while
rapant on buffer areas and orchards and waterways. Soil PH or fungal presence
limiting growth? Smothering by repeated leaf droppings and subsequent moldings? I
have more problems with clematis and virginia creeper.
Heron, in Maine where we are getting our water everday.

On Sun May  1 15:48 , list at ginda.us sent:

>On May 1, 2005, at 3:43 PM, Pat Meadows wrote:
>> We don't seem to have any poison ivy in this area
>> (Appalachian Mountains in northern Pennsylvania).  It
>> surprised me, but I have not seen any in four years of
>> living here and I recognize it when I see it.
>> I can only assume the winters are too cold for it (the
>> lowest temperature we've experienced here is -26 F).
>> Anyway, it doesn't seem to be here.
>> Pat
>> -- 
>I think you're right about the temperature.  There's a fairly sharp 
>line in NH and upstate NY between where the poison ivy grows, and where 
>it doesn't.  I'm pretty sure it corresponds to winter low temps.  At 
>any rate, I know several places where it grows next to the water, or in 
>the valley, but doesn't grow once you get a little elevation.
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