[NAFEX] Killing Poison Ivy Organically/elevation

bluestem_farm at juno.com bluestem_farm at juno.com
Sun May 1 23:18:18 EDT 2005

I've seen p.i. on very dry sand, in oak barrens in and out of the shade, and I'm pretty sure that I've seen it in marshes, too.  I think around here it may be grazing that keeps it down.  Our farm was pastured fencerow to fencerow by cattle and then sheep before we bought it, in the woods and everywhere.  And we had virtually no p.i. when we bought it; now it is moving in and spreading (along with the autumn olive and other things) such that I've been threatening to get some highlander cattle.  Actually I want them for the brush control, but if they kept down the poisons that would be great.

-- "tanis cuff"  wrote:
WI p.ivy doesn't mind cold winters, not much bothered by dry soil either.  I 
don't recall seeing it on the driest sand, nor in marshes, otherwise "it's 
everywhere".  Could elevation really be the limiting factor?  Seeds are 
moved by birds; are they very strict about elevation?

On May 1, 2005, at 3:43 PM, Pat Meadows wrote:

>We don't seem to have any poison ivy in this area
>(Appalachian Mountains in northern Pennsylvania).  It
>surprised me, but I have not seen any in four years of
>living here and I recognize it when I see it.
>I can only assume the winters are too cold for it (the
>lowest temperature we've experienced here is -26 F).
>Anyway, it doesn't seem to be here.

I think you're right about the temperature.  There's a fairly sharp line in 
NH and upstate NY between where the poison ivy grows, and where it doesn't.  
I'm pretty sure it corresponds to winter low temps.  At any rate, I know 
several places where it grows next to the water, or in the valley, but 
doesn't grow once you get a little elevation.


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