[NAFEX] Killing Poison Ivy Organically/elevation

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Sun May 1 19:45:57 EDT 2005

WI p.ivy doesn't mind cold winters, not much bothered by dry soil either.  I 
don't recall seeing it on the driest sand, nor in marshes, otherwise "it's 
everywhere".  Could elevation really be the limiting factor?  Seeds are 
moved by birds; are they very strict about elevation?

On May 1, 2005, at 3:43 PM, Pat Meadows wrote:

>We don't seem to have any poison ivy in this area
>(Appalachian Mountains in northern Pennsylvania).  It
>surprised me, but I have not seen any in four years of
>living here and I recognize it when I see it.
>I can only assume the winters are too cold for it (the
>lowest temperature we've experienced here is -26 F).
>Anyway, it doesn't seem to be here.

I think you're right about the temperature.  There's a fairly sharp line in 
NH and upstate NY between where the poison ivy grows, and where it doesn't.  
I'm pretty sure it corresponds to winter low temps.  At any rate, I know 
several places where it grows next to the water, or in the valley, but 
doesn't grow once you get a little elevation.


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