[NAFEX] Spring pest questions, peach tree borer traps and lures

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Sun May 1 19:21:10 EDT 2005

Peaceful Valley has lures Peach tree borer lures from $3.50 and down, and
wing traps for $3.50 and down (with quantity discounts).  You can replace
the lure alone when needed, and they also sell Wing trap bottoms separately
so you don't need to replace the whole trap when it becomes full or dirty.  

They also have curculio lures and traps.

I've had a little trouble with their web pages opening this weekend; they
just revised the site.  Here's the traps and lures page:


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I know that Spring has arrived in North Carolina because the curculios have
come out in force in the orchard.  It reminded me of several questions that
I have been meaning to ask of fellow NAFEXers.

1.  Is Imidan still on the market?  I can't seem to get it locally even
though it was available last year.  Curculios are the number one stone fruit
pest here and I am constantly looking for the safest, effective control that
doesn't freak out the HOA.  Surround is safe, but is considered "not
aesthetically pleasing" by the local politburo.
2.  Is Bull's-Eye effective against curculios?  It seems that the label
doesn't mention the pest, but I realize that sometimes pesticides are not
labelled for a certain pest even though they are effective against it.
3.  Does anyone know of a more reasonably-priced source of peach tree borer
traps than Garden's Alive?  I left a message with Great Lakes IPM, but no
one ever got back to me.  I prefer to eschew the nasty chemicals that are
often used to fight PTB's, but can anyone recommend an effective control
alternative?  I always catch quite a few in the traps, but can't afford to
saturate the area enough for control... plus the traps only catch the males-
not the egg-laying females that really do the direct damage.

Thanks in advance,

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