[NAFEX] "Roundup"/trunk diameters

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Sun May 1 11:49:58 EDT 2005

I'm intrigued.  Glyphosate at higher concentrations is great for cut-stump 
treatment of undesireable woody vegetation, and it works best in late summer 
& autumn, because it is pulled down into the roots.  Where I've resorted to 
glyphosate to control garlic-mustard, all woody plants with small 
trunks/stems in the spray site get killed too, at the regular weak 
concentration for herbacious weeds, and sprayed in spring (May).

How can you spray thin trunks in autumn, and they survive?  Can you give 
details, on- or off-list, about the exact product you use?  For example-- 
RoundUp or generic, what concentration, what carriers/ surfactants, any 
other variables?

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Anywhere from quarter inch on up....

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>From: "tanis cuff" What's the diameter of your Amelanchier trunks?  I try 
>not to get spray on any trunks (trees & shrubs, any kind) thinner than 1" 
>and I'm careful near larger diameter, especially if thin bark.

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