[NAFEX] Spring pest questions

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
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The local garden store sold Imidan last year to unlicensed folks, but the rules for the product may have changed.

I got my Ashmead's Kernel scionwood from the Foxwhelp Farms or some such name... I can't remember, but they were the folks that were associated with Trees of Antiquity when they first took over from Sonoma Antique Apple nursery.  I can't rule out that the stock had the virus, but the same lot of stock was used to graft many cultivars and only the AK had the virus symptoms.  Really impressive, bright yellow splotches on green.  It only showed symptoms in cool weather- a sign that the plant was fighting off the virus when the PTGS defense mechanism was active (in hot weather).  Anyway, I yanked the tree, but as an afterthought, I thought I should double-check with those more experienced with this cultivar.



BTW, I apologize if you got one of those obnoxious challenge messages.  I've adjusted my spam filter so that shouldn't happen again.

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On May 1, 2005, at 10:22 AM, Anton Callaway wrote:

> I know that Spring has arrived in North Carolina because the curculios 
> have come out in force in the orchard.  It reminded me of several 
> questions that I have been meaning to ask of fellow NAFEXers.
> 1.  Is Imidan still on the market?  I can't seem to get it locally 
> even though it was available last year.  Curculios are the number one 
> stone fruit pest here and I am constantly looking for the safest, 
> effective control that doesn't freak out the HOA.  Surround is safe, 
> but is considered "not aesthetically pleasing" by the local politburo.

I vaguely recall something about Imidan being restricted to licensed 
applicators, but you should wait until someone who actually knows 
something chimes in.

> 4.  Does Ashmead's Kernel have variegated leaves?  I figured the 
> answer is "no" and I just got some virus-infected scionwood, but I 
> wanted to check to see if my roguing was justified.

My Ashmead's Kernal does not have variegated leaves.  Neither does the 
one tree at the local PYO place that grows it.  From where did you get 
your scion wood?  (If it's a commercial place that other NAFEXers might 
shop at.)


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