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Sun May 1 07:51:34 EDT 2005

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Can't reveal my source of information but in a few years ago, it was found to be
important in research because it caused neoplastic (cancer) tissue growth in plants.
It is said to alter the DNA of the tissue.  Doc, I think that's A.tumefaciens, the
organism that causes crown gall.  I don't know, maybe A.rhizogenes alters DNA too,
or does something to regulate expression of certain genes that are normally 'turned
off' in mature plants, allowing root generation.  Sorry but I don't know a source.
Maybe a lab which supplies researchers would have a supply. I don't expect Carolina
Biological Supply, Burlington, NC would have any, but they might steer you in the
right direction.  I suspect the ATCC would have it, but I've never personally ordered
any cultures from them, and post-9/11, I have a feeling that it may be tougher for
individuals to get cultures from them - maybe not Agrobacterium species, but I'll
bet human/animal pathogen species are more restricted.  Lucky 

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