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tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 29 09:16:38 EST 2005

For the first website below, can anyone post a non-pdf version of this address, or
explain to list how to make a document like this easier to read?  I can't read what
appears, and don't know how to improve it (and I assume others are in same boat.)

For second website, ALL fertilizers/soil ammendants can contain heavy metals. 
Example, a "10-10-10" fertilizer-- ever wonder what's the other 70% ?  Answer--
anything the manufacturer wants to use, whatever's available even if it's toxic
fly-ash or mining waste.

--- Rodney Eveland wrote:
> Just do a google on zinc oxysulfate and you'll get some interesting
> facts....
> http://www.kmag.com/assets/pdf_files/efu/micronutrients.pdf
> this ome mentions that lack of zinc causes delayed maturity
> http://www.mdac.state.ms.us/n_library/departments/bpi/pdf/bpi_news_09_2003.pdf
> this one mentions that oxysulfate is not very water soluble
> and can be contaminated with undesireable heavy metals

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