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About Delicious lacking the distinctive conical shape with "knobs" on
the blossom end: While Delicous grown in the West have the distinctive
shape, the same strain will often lack it in the East.  Since the
distincitive shape helps sell Delcious, some eastern growers spray with
the growth regulator Promalin. -- Sam Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn.
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Can't recall when I've had a grocery store Red Delicious that was worth
eating, but have had some home-grown ones that were excellent - probably
one of the earlier sports of the original Hawkeye - as they weren't even
solid red - and didn't really have that conical shape that the general
public has come to expect in a RD.


Hello Lucky, etl.,

Let me expand on what you said.  I believe the original variety what was
named Delicious (may have been Hawkeye Red Del.) is several sports
removed from what we see in the grocery stores these days.  As I've been
told (or read) down through the years Red delicious has mutated many
times and when the sport was prettier (darker red or shape) those
mutations were propagated. But like so many other fruits being selected
for marketing, appearance was consideration #1, not flavor. My
understanding agrees with yours, the first variety was red striped not
solid and did taste better. Result, today's market Red Delicious should
really be called Tastless Pretty Red rather than Red Delicious.

Ed Fackler, can you confirm this?

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