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Yes, what a great discussion!  Now I understand better the European efforts in the last few centuries to develop "buerre" pears, i.e. soft as butter.  To me those pears have seemed so inferior to the crisp, juicy Asian pears, but I need to try the European pears again, to focus on taste, not texture.

By the way, back on the Delicious apple, sometimes I think there is no apple flavor better.  But for me that flavor comes only from home-grown apples fully ripened or even over-ripened on the tree.  But it is ephemeral -- I only find such intensely-flavored apples on the trees for a few days, and such apples don't "keep" at all.

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>  I'm very much with you,  Jerry - - people don't complain that a bananna is
>  the 'hard and crisp' texture ideal is very much a late 20th century
>thing - - hard and crisp corrolates with improved dental health that allows
>a person to handle that texture - many of the heirloom varieties never
>exhibit this ideal - rather they were selected for their flavor,  special
>use suitibility,  or the maitanence of quality/development of flavor in
>common storage - - I fight this every year - people can not get past the
>texture to enjoy the flavor...
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>      Is it possible that this problem with mealy Italian apples is due to
>      conditions, as in shops that are too warm and the fruit sits around
>      months?  Or is it that they are picked too early or too late because
>      growers don't care or don't know better?
>    Hi Donna, etl,
>    Please forgive me for singling out your quote. I'm not picking you out.
>But it typifies the general train of thought going around on this subject.
>    Who are we to criticize others for their taste in apples. Some people
>like soft apples and it is likely their tastes that determine what Italians
>purchase, the condition and as well as varieties of apples they grow and
>sell. The only Red Delicious apple I'll eat is one that is soft and over
>ripe (according to the general definition espoused by most here).
>    Germans drink warm beer. We Americans don't. Is it because they don't
>have good brew masters or don't have cold storage? Who are we to criticize
>their taste in beer or the condition in which they drink it.
>    I'm clearly in the minority here as I like soft Mutsu, soft Summer
>Rambo, very ripe soft June Transparency. Is it because I don't know how to
>raise apples or don't know how to care for them?  June Transparency makes
>the very best apple sauce, according to my taste and anyone that has eaten
>our home made apple sauce vastly prefers it over flat tasteless store
>    Too many people can't differentiate between taste and texture. One of my
>sons is such.  Anything with the constancy of grits isn't good, nothing. The
>sense of texture over rides his taste buds. I'd bet if those of you that
>don't like soft apples could get over the soft mealy thing there would be
>many more apples you would love.
>    OK, have at me!
>    Jerry Lehman
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