[NAFEX] Annurca

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Thu Mar 24 14:57:20 EST 2005

I don't know why the newer commercial varieties of sweet, crisp apples
aren't doing better there.  When my Italian friends try them, they love
them!  Maybe not very many people are willing to take the risk of converting
their orchards.

Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.
USDA 9, AHS heat zone 8, 
Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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Every time I go to Italy it has been just long enough for me to have
forgotten my past experience with the apples there.  At the first outdoor
market or fruttivendolo shop I find, I buy several types of apples I am
unfamiliar with, looking forward to trying new (to me) varieties.  Every
time I am disappointed anew with how mealy they all are.

David Consolvo
in Hungrytown hollow, far far away from Italy

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