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Tom Burford tells the story of head-shaking when his grandfather planting a new type of apple when he was age 93. 
He tasted the apple from his tree at age 100, and died at age 102.

David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia

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>Well put!  The best info, or at least the best leads, come from those 'doing'. 
>Especially the older growers.  And what a surprise when they ask us young pups for
>Great story, probably from an old 'Pomona' article:  A young neighbor told an older
>neighbor that he shouldn't plant apple trees at his age-- 70-- because he'd be 80
>before they started bearing.  The old neighbor said "So, how old will I be in 10
>years if I don't plant these apple trees?"
>And thanks for the scion-available list!
>--- Bruce wrote:
>> The other day I received a letter from a fellow in southern Louisiana. He is
>> eighty two years old and still has some acreage and has dirt under his
>> fingernails. I love these conversations from those that are still 'doing'.
>> It is like the refrain from Cider House Rules, "be of use".   He wants me to
>> send him a few trees and asked me for recommendations for varieties for his
>> area. Can you believe it? At eighty two he is going to plant a few trees.
>> Now, that can humble you a tad. Anyway, my nursery/farm is in midwest
>> Michigan. I am not familiar with the requirements of southern Louisiana.
>> Perhaps someone could make a suggestion or two of antique varieties for that
>> area. I am not interested in 'internet' knowledge but would appreciate the
>> views of folk who have trees and subsequently direct knowledge.
>> Thank you.
>> Bruce   
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