[NAFEX] Antique Apple Varieties Going Going

BRosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Fri Mar 11 20:24:11 EST 2005

My dad sold the farm just north of Cincinnati, OH, two years ago.  There 
is an "upper orchard" that has the remnants of some antique apples in 
there after the highway went through when I was in high school.  Too 
bad, Quince, Baldwin, Transparent, etc..  He give me a list of the years 
of the trees and the varieties.  Now the varieties themselves aren't so 
spectacular, but look at the age of these trees!  There might be some 
differences in the breeding on these and someone in the area might be 
interested in getting some scionwood before the new owner decides to 
develop.  Here is the list of existing trees:  Rome Beauty (1917), 
Double Red Rome (1921), Stamen Winesap (1917)  Cortland (1984), Jonathan 
(1917), MacIntosh (1917), Jonamac (1984), Ultramac (1984?), Lodi (1984), 
Northern Spy (1917), Priscilla (1984), Grimes Golden (1917).  Elsewhere 
in the orchard, Seckel Pear (1917), Hale Haven, and Red Haven (before 
1955), and Gala (1984 and who cares?).  If anyone is interested send me 
an off line and I will tell you how to reach him.  There is also another 
grower of Antique Apples around Cincinnati that I can name as well.

By the way, I take issue with whoever said the Turley Winesap was not a 
good apple.  Turley has its place.  My dad always said it was not as 
good as I said it was, but that just shows that I appreciated more the 
delicate flavor of those big apples. 

Barbara Rosholdt

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