[NAFEX] downside of free potassium source

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Sat Mar 5 23:29:50 EST 2005

Stephen Sadler wrote:

> I would say the jury's still out on the Aluminum-Alzheimer's connection.  I haven't seen anything definitive either way.  I use a simple risk-benefit analysis: If aluminum contributes to dementia, avoidance would be beneficial.  If it does not, avoidance is harmless; so I avoid it.

Davis brand baking powder used to contain aluminum, as also Rolaids used to contain aluminum [Rolaids no longer does]...crazy applications for a metal...but it does cost something for a potassium source other than the free granite dust from tombstone companies...in our area ground granite is called "underlayment" used under brick as a base to lay the bricks on.  It costs cash...so you see avoidance of the free potassium does cost something here...but it doesn't cost to avoid consumer products with aluminum.

> I don't use aluminum utensils, cookware, or toiletries or medicines that contain Aluminum, and I don't use soil amendments that contain it.

Took a dull aluminum stock pot, put tomatoes in it, then the pot became bright and shiny.   Obviously movement of metal going on there and it can only come out into the tomato food.

I have heard clay described as "decomposed aluminum" and it can be 78% aluminum...yet clay is used daily in parts of the world, people dip their meat in clay as they are eating as a precaution against food poisoning.  I suppose that alone might make us not worry about aluminum consumption...
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