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rmelrose at silicondairy.net rmelrose at silicondairy.net
Sun Jun 19 13:25:03 EDT 2005

> I find the electricians splicing tape will rot off only if exposed to sun. Yesterday I
> was grafting plums with it and regretted I got the 3m type with a cloth mesh strip
> seperator - it is quite clumsy to remove - next roll I'll get the no-seperator type.
> WhatI like best about splicing tape is how stretchable it is. I prefer it over clear
> tapes because I often want black to help get another couple degrees warmth.
> Steve, regarding Ure - so far it is my healthiest looking pear at 6 years, do you mean it
> takes even longer than other pears to fruit? What northern pears bear sooner? thanks, Del
>> Tanis--I used your electrical tape suggestion when I topworked a Ure pear to
>> something that might actually fruit.  25 out of 25 takes.  It sure was easy
>> to use.  Suggestions from anyone on when to remove the tape?
>> Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI

As far as fruiting time of Northern Pears my experience (this is zone
4a/3b in N.E. Vermont) so far has been:-

`Golden Spice' has come into production first (this may be marginal for
some, it is quire unpleasant until ripe but then to my taste very enjoyable
raw or cooked, fruit is small). 100 pears at 10 years -- started at 8.

`Summercrisp' producing lightly -- 20 pears at 10 years -- started at 9.

'Luscious' and `Ure' both a bit behind -- flowering heavily at 10 years,
only a couple of pears set each so (I hope) starting at 10.

`Parker' planted a year later, looks to be set to produce a few pears next year.

`Red Sensation' planted yet a year later (i.e. now 8), looks to be as
`Parker' flowered lightly this year.


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