[NAFEX] Insect damage to young peaches -- clear hard goo ?

warren at riseup.net warren at riseup.net
Fri Jun 17 15:54:17 EDT 2005

For the past two years my entire peach crop has been lost to some sort of
insect that drills into the green peaches when they are about plum-sized,
leaving a trail of clear, hard, tasteless goo on the outside of the unripe
fruit.  Sometimes there seem to be grubs inside the fruit, but sometimes
no culprits can be found.

All the peaches are affected and eventually, all of them fall off before
maturing.   My peach trees seem healthy in most other respects, except
that  overall fruit set is also low, with only about 20 peaches per tree
even getting to the plum-sized stage.

Does anyone know what kind of creature this might be? Can anyone suggest a
method (preferably organic) of controlling it?

Warren Goodwin
Atlanta. Ga (Zone 7a)
warren at riseup.net

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