[NAFEX] Re: Datura previously. Now Pokeweed

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Tue Jun 14 22:14:35 EDT 2005

Alan, as they say up North, enjoy!  Some folks boil the greens twice in two 
or three changes of water.
Others like the newly sprouted shoots which are just boiled then combined 
with eggs into an omelet.
I use olive oil rather than a "strip of lean" or ham hock with the final 
boil and sometimes add ham bouillon.  A dash of Texas PeteT or cayenne 
pepper vinegar tops them off.  A mess of Poke Sallet, a slab of cornbread or 
batty cakes with lacey edges and a quart of buttermilk are so good they will 
make your tongue slap your brains out.
Zone 7/8 

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