[NAFEX] Neem and Surround

kieran or donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Jun 9 09:13:07 EDT 2005

It's too late for me this year, but thank you all for your discussion of
Neem as repellent, and esp the combination.  I was just too discouraged
after last year's rain constantly washing off the Surround, and the very few
fruit that actually escaped the curculios.  Next year, I will be prepared.
What about the complaint that Neem eats up rubber parts in sprayers?  Only
one person complained a year or two back, no one else seems to mention it.
Do I have to be sure to wash my sprayer out well after using Neem?
    And my thanks to Don Yellman for reminding us all about Oil of Snake.  I
have used many and various products containing this wonder ingredient, and
always noted that it didn't work as well after the first few doses. Now I
tend to be a bit more cautious in my purchases.    Donna

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