[NAFEX] Fall Planting

David Consolvo fruitopia at nexet.net
Sun Jun 5 00:51:21 EDT 2005

When I plant trees in the Fall, I find that they have all winter to be eaten above by 
rabbits and deer, and below by voles.  These animals have sparse pickings in the 
Winter and early Spring, so the trees are targets then much more so than in the 
Summer.  The Fall-planted trees, still weak from transplanting, seem less able to 
survive the vagaries of winter cold as well.

Therefore I've learned to plant in the Spring, just before bud break ideally.  The 
transplants have a chance to take off soon and to get stronger fast.

David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia

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From: "Doreen Howard" <gardendiva at charter.net>
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Date:  Sat, 4 Jun 2005 20:56:31 -0500

>Opinions please from all you experts with far more experience in growing 
>fruit than I.
>Is it better to plant fruit trees in late summer or early fall than in 
>spring?  If so, why?  There are plenty of bargains available in late summer, 
>from catalogs and at garden centers.  I'm tempted to take advantage of the 
>cheaper prices, especially if there are advantages.  With ornamental trees 
>and shrubs, you gain a season's growth with fall planting, or so says the 
>conventional wisdom.
>Doreen Howard
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