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Fri Jun 3 20:57:22 EDT 2005

I've got nothing but deep sand here and with so much peanut farming in
the area nematodes are a problem.  I'm finding that keeping a
permanent deep mulch around the figs helps a lot.


Quoting Doc Lisenby <longdistshtr at>:

> Big problem for figs in sandy soil is root nematodes.  I have seen
> nematodes 
> in other than sandy soil.  In fact, I get best results here in clay
> if I 
> plant figs next to building foundations to allow the roots to go
> under the 
> foundation and escape the shallow-soil-dwelling nematodes.  Leaving
> the 
> upper part of a plastic pot in which young figs have been started
> is said to 
> force the roots down deeper into the soil.
> It may work, but I haven't proved it to myself yet.
> I think I will try the sugar.  Thanks Bruce.  I got the spell
> checker.  I 
> appreciate your suggestion.
> Doc Lisenby
> Zone 7/8 
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