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You have to have a refuge for the birds.  Our quail lived safely in and near
thick, thorny, brambles.  Our chickens and guinea fowl had coops.  


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 I can guarantee you that the local cats WILL target bobwhites.  So will fox
and any other predator available in the area.   Can't you just get a pet

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Our imperial suburban town told me this afternoon fowl or rabbits have
to have permit, which I am contemplating complying with.  They even send
an inspector.
Another idea other than guinea fowl is to release Bobwhite quail.
They'd be less noisy than guineas; but I haven't much confirmation
they'd eat ticks, which is the main point of keeping fowl.  There's
reports of guineas being susceptible to roaming house cats, but I only
see one house cat occasionally, and occasional losses would be
sustainable.  Apparantly releasing the Bobwhite would be the least
labor-intensive poultry activity, but whether they'd stay in the area
depends on terrain factors I don't understand.  And I don't have
confirmation they'd eat ticks.
Would appreciate hearing from those of you who have had poultry.
Charlie Paradise  Massachusetts z5ish
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