[NAFEX] Sugar that's not so sweet

Jim Cooper JCooper at lewiston.k12.id.us
Thu Jun 2 17:28:41 EDT 2005

We have problems with some small worm, maybe a wire worm. We also have a
lot of bugs that look like a centipedes and millipede. We find lots of
the dried crustacian like shell of these segmented worms, about
1/32"x3/4". This may be another stage of the wire worm, because in the
soil the damage to the carrots is definitely much smaller in diameter.
For many years we had little or no carrots due to the damage these
unknown worms cause. Neighbors call them wire worms and I have tried
insecticides and had some success controling these, but still have some
damage. Proper ID would help I know, but have never taken the damaged
vegies to the County Extenion office.

Any suggestions or ideas??

Zone 6

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