[NAFEX] hardiness zone, heat zone, location

R. Keith Etheridge goatdoc at ctitech.com
Thu Jun 2 14:40:19 EDT 2005

My location is about same latitude as Indianapolis but in central Illinois.The plantings face south east ,with the west boundrie level,
sloping to a creek.About fifteen years ago I bought a few grafted northern pecans from Les Wilmoth and started bench grafting
northern,far northern pecans, hicans and hickories.About three years ago ,I bark, and four flap grafted some seedlings.I have about
twenty trees bearing age.About two weeks after the usual last frost we got a killing frost.The farthest west (Between a 2 acre pond and
a quarter acre pond(highest in elevation )show no damage,the creek trees frosted 20 feet up.Those in between according to elevation.
Also those with timber or even just one tree to the north west of them show no frost.
I'm in zone 5 on maps but Pawnee matured here two years ago and I think it was developed in Texas.I traded scions with aperson in 
Connecticut who was in zone 6 but wanted far northern because lack of heat units due to the ocean.
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