[NAFEX] bitter juneberries

Mike Levine mlevine at umich.edu
Tue Jul 26 15:33:32 EDT 2005

I noticed that the serviceberries here in Ann Arbor were much more bitter 
this year than the previous few years.  I tend to like my serviceberries a 
little on the underripe side (I like sour fruit) so I pick them when they 
are still reddish instead of waiting until they are really dark purple.  I 
noticed this year that the more purple they got the more bitter (and sweet) 
they became.  I suspect most of the bitterness comes from the seeds and 
perhaps when the seeds are immature they have less of the bitter component. 
If you put the fruit through a squeezo and get out all the seeds I'll bet 
you won't have any bitter flavor even if they are purple.

Mike Levine
Ann Arbor, MI
zone 5b

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>I have been sampling Juneberry (Amelanchier alnifolia) around town.
> Until I started looking for these, I never noticed them.  Now that I
> know what they look like, I see them everywhere.  Very popular choice
> for landscaping projects now.  Although sweet, most of these I would
> rather not eat fresh due to their bitterness.  I read that drying makes
> them less bitter.  Has anyone experienced this?  I wonder if this
> bitterness could be used to advantage in a fermented beverage?  Salt may
> help also, similar to salting eggplant to remove bitterness, or
> preserving in brine as bitter olives are?  I think I'll do some
> experiments in the kitchen.  Comments?
> -Mark Lee, Seattle zone 8a
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