[NAFEX] Pawpaw Cookies Kill NAFEX listserv!!

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 12:31:44 EDT 2005

Is it merely a matter of coincidence?  Now that viral etiology may be
the culprit, no one is willing to use the list anymore.

Seriouly, I have a question about persimmon grafts.  I whip grafted
some high chill kaki material from Lester Davis in late April, on
wandering native rootstock.  Weeks later, it still had not pushed
buds, then I read of your almost daily rounds of pushing off persimmon
rootstock buds.  Now I have two multibranched grafts that have grown
up to three feet.  Have you ever had current year whip grafts break
from succulent growth above?  If so, should I support the graft union
with a bamboo stake splint?

Second, I put MonArk and Kidd's Orange on two seedling apple whips. 
The Monark has grown so well it has now fallen over.  A deer kindly
pruned the KO back already.  Should I stake or splint the gangly
MonArk, or cut it back to where it's vertical and force some

Picking for Carolina Red June and William's Pride almost done; very
good year for both.

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